Our beers are made pure and honest, crafted following the Belgian traditions.
No additives, no preservatives, no extras, just all natural ingredients – hops, water, yeast and malt.
​Ready to enjoy!​

Madocke Witbier
4.5% Vol. Alc.

This Witbier (or Hazy White Beer) has a full refreshing taste. It is an intensely aromatic beer with lots of lemon and spicy characters.

Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, High Fermentation Witbier 

Madocke Blonde
5.2% Vol. Alc.
This Blonde Beer has a refreshing, smooth, rounded flavour with medium bitterness and subtle fruity notes. 

Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, High Fermentation Blond Beer

Madocke Saison
5.9% Vol. Alc.

This Saison Beer is a very complex but well balanced beer. It has a very rich palet of rustic flavours with some woody, spicy and licorice notes. 

Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, High Fermentation Saison Beer 

Madocke Tripel
8.2% Vol. Alc.

This Tripel Beer is a unique full body, full strength beer. It is a complex gold/amber coloured beer with a creamy head, fruity aroma and notes of vanilla and banana.

Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, High Fermentation Tripel 
Fermentated within the bottle.
Madocke Quadrupel
9.5% Vol. Alc.

This Quadrupel Beer is a dark coloured beer with plenty of fruity aromas. It strikes a delicate balance of bitterness and sweetness, providing a smooth, well-rounded chocolatey flavour, with a hint of burnt toffee.

Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, High Fermentation Quadrupel.
Madocke Nobel
8.5% Vol. Alc.

A Belgian Style Strong Ale which strikes the perfect balance between strength and sweetness with its golden colour, crisp fruity taste and well carbonated body. 
Strong by nature, mighty by alcohol content.

Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, High Fermentation Strong Ale.